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How To Finance Your Winter Tires

As winter knocks at the door and the days get shorter, it’s important to ensure that your vehicle is prepared for winter, and the first step should be winter tires. But let’s face it, winter tires aren’t cheap and start around $90 a tire and continue upwards from there and exclude any associated fees.

However, the MPI Winter Tire Program offers a way around the costly upfront fee with the ability to finance your tires. Below are the qualifications and how to get financing for your tires up to $2000.

Check if you’re eligible for financing.

In order for you to qualify for financing you need to:

  • Be an individual MPI customer (not a company).
  • Have purchased tires for a light truck or passenger automobile.
  • Have no outstanding payments or financing restrictions with MPI.

To check eligibility through MPI’s Eligibility Confirmation Tool, click here.

Are your tires eligible?

If you tires are DOT approved, and are on MPI’s approved tire list, your tires have met or exceeded the requirements. To find out more about winter tires and DOT approved tires, click here.

Does your retailer offer the MPI Winter Tire Program?

To ensure that your chosen retailer offers the MPI Winter Tire Program, and financing, be sure to check out MPI’s entire list here.

How to finance your winter tires.

Once at an affiliated retailer, the retailer will verify your eligibility and finalise the loan authorization. They will ask you to:

  • Supply your vehicle registration and identification card or driver’s licence.
  • Choose a financing term varying from one to four years.
  • Give the number of your local or preferred MPI agent or location.
  • Select your payment method.
  • Read and sign the final loan information.

Estimated Payments*

Winter Tire Program Estimates

What can be financed:

  • Mounting and balancing.
  • Shop supplies.
  • Taxes and fees.
  • Rims.
  • Storage costs (If purchased in initial purchase).
  • Valve stems.
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System.

What can not be financed:

  • The switching cost of all-season and winter tires unless included in the original cost.
  • Tire repairs.
  • Maintenance and storage of tires unless included in the original cost.

For more information on financing your set of winter tires, click here.

*Estimated payments at 5 per cent interest and are subject to change.